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IQF Apricot halves


1. General description:

100% IQF frozen apricot 1/2 cut halves. The variety is Golden Sun & Chuanzhihong.

The product is produced according to good manufacturing procedure (HACCP and BRC systems) and is metal detected.

2. General requirements:

The fruit has to be free from preservatives and other additives,

The product is from unblanched, unpeeled with skin, typical color of this variety, characteristic flavor and taste, without residues, damage or foreign substance.

3. Parameters of approval:

Size: 1/2 cut halve

Brix: min 8.0 and up

Color: typical color of this variety, bright orange

Taste and flavor: typical, sound, ripe apricot

Foreign bodies & others: absent

4. Microbiological conditions:

Total viable count: max. 50000. per gram

Yeast: max. 200. per gram

Mold: max. 200. per gram

Pathogenic bacterial: absent per gram

5. Packaging:

As agreed by contract

General packaging is 1x10kg per carton inner with blue polybags.

6. Shelf life:

2 years from production.

7. Stored and Transport:

Cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of -18 DC.

The stowage of the goods must not cause any damage on the goods or packaging.    

Sufficient cold air circulation in the car/container is guaranteed under any circumstances.