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IQF Strawberries


A.  Description of strawberries:

The variety American#13 & Sweet Charlie & Honey & All Star & Mibao, are of Chinese origin, to be without calyx, without stalks, cleanly washed, carefully sorted, without molded strawberries, without rotten strawberries, metal detected and free from any foreign substance.

B. Packaging:
(1) Pack size: 1
x10kg per carton;.
(2) Pack type: 250 or 44 ECT burst strength to prevent crushing
. Blue Food Grade liner 1.5mm thickness, which should FULLY OVERLAPPED product to avoid dehydration.

C. Standard Analytical Data of Grade A strawberries (per 10kg):

Brix level: min 7 degree

PH: 3

Class: grade A and B.

Size: 15-25mm, 25-35mm, 15-35mm, Min 97% fruits fall within this size.

Color: minimum 97% fruits of fine regular red strawberries color.

Taste: typical of the strawberries, without any off-taste.

Unripe and overripe fruits: each max.2% by weight.

Broken-damaged squashed and misshapen fruits: Max 2% by weight.

Clumps less than 3 fruits: under 2% by weight.

Calyx: Max 1 piece.

Leaves: Max 1 piece.

Metal/glass/plastic/stone/sand/soil or any other FMV/EVM: Non-existence.

Contamination: pesticides, fungicides, metals, radioactivity, according to USA/EU regulations and China National Standards.

D. Microbiological Description:

(1) T.P.C. < 100,000
(2) Yeast <
(3) Mold <5
(4) Coli < 100
(5) E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, & S. Aureus=NEG

E. Shelf life:

2 years from production.

F. Storage and transporting:

Cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of minus 18 degrees centigrade (DC).