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Dehydrated ginger



Product Description

Description:                     Dehydrated Ginger

Item Code:                      20069999908

Grade:                             A

Origin:                            China

Characteristics:              Yellow.

Additives:                       No additives

Pesticide Residue’s       Conform toChinaregulations

Genetic Modification:     Produced from Non Genetically modified product

Microbiology and Chemical

Total plate Count:          Maximum1000,000/g

Coliform Count:              Maximum200/g

E-Coli:                            <3 MPN or<10 Petrifilm.

Mold/Yeasts                    Maximum1000/g

SO2                                0-100ppm

Moisture :                       10% max

Sensory Character

Appearance:                  Typical of air dried ginger.

Odor:                             Typical of ginger

Color:                            Characteristically yellow color.

Size:                              Whole, Flakes, Powder

Metal Detection:            None

Foreign Matter:             None


and storage

Packaging :                   inner double PE bags and carton outside 20kg/ctn

Customer Packaging     On request of clients  


Product is all produced from fresh product grown to our specification .It is cleaned, sterilized, dried, selected and packed under direct supervision of our quality assurance in facilities, and to sandards registered and approved by CIQ.