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Dried chilli


Product Name: Dried Chilli

(1) Available Varieties: Sweet Paprika, Yidu chili, Xi'An chili, Tianying chili, Chaotian chili, etc.

(2) Pungency degree: sweet or hot with different degree.

(3) Figure: Whole chilli, with or without stem, crushed chilli(1-2/2-3/3-5mm), chilli   powder(5-8mesh,16-26mesh,26-40,40-60mesh,80-120mesh,30-80mesh).

(4) Color Value of Paprika Powder: 90-220ASTA.
(5) Packing: Normal packing or vacuum packing
For whole chilli by gunny bags/PP woven bags/Cartons
For crushed chilli/powder by PP woven bags/Cartons
Conveyance: 12-16mts/40'fcl for normal packing;25mts/40'fcl for vacuum packing.

(6) Quality: Grade: A/B/A+B
Color: Deep red or Red, yellow speckle 3% max.
Moisture: 13-15Max. for whole chilli,8% Max. for granules or crushed chilli, 6% Max. for chilli powder
Admixture:1% Max.
Mold, Afflatoxin, Salmonella: Negative

(7) Moisture (%): 12-14%

(8) Available time: All year round

(9) Lead time: 7 days