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Apple juice concentrate


Product: Apple juice concentrate

Sensory Evaluation:
Color: brownish yellow, slightly darkness after long time standing.
Flavor & Aroma: typical apple flavor and aroma, no anomalous smell.
Form: Clear without sediment and free from any foreign and extraneous matter.

Physical & Chemical Data:
Brix (at 20 ℃)                                  70+/-1 Bx
Acid                                                  ≥0.8%, 1.0-1.4%, 1.4% up
PH                                                    3.5-4.3
Turbidity (11.5o Brix) NTU             ≤ 3.0
Patulin(11.5 oBrix) ug/kg               ≤ 30
Pesticide Residue: MRLs for pesticides in accordance with GB2763-2005.

Total plate count                            ≤100 cfu/ml
Yeast & Mold                                 ≤10 cfu/ml
Coliform                                         ≤3 MPN/100 ml
Pathogen                                       Not detected

Package & Storage & Shipment:
Package: 275 kg net weight aseptic bag with plastic bag in steel drum.
Storage Conditions: At 0-5 ℃.
Shipment: At ambient temperature, protect from direct sun light and moisture.
Shelf Life: 24 months.

Certification: HACCP, ISO9001, KOSHER, BRC

Delivery time: 25 days